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Lillian Joseph

A Lifetime spent in serving the community

Hello! I’m Lillian Joseph, a proud American, a strong Conservative and a public servant. I’m running for NC District 14 Congressional (U.S. House) seat. I am seeking to earn your vote this March. I would consider myself honored and privileged to serve you if you should decide I am worthy of your vote.

Since the age of 18, I have fought hard and earned my way through college and university the old fashioned way - on merit- never asking for or taking a single handout. I've fought tough battles throughout my career and personal life, and at the age of 55, I'm only just getting started folks! 

First and foremost, I'm "Mom" to my 13 year old son Rohan, whose achievements and morals I am very proud of.​​

What I do Professionally:

I have been in public service for the past thirty years in various capacities of management and administration - despite what this sounds like, I was a field "hands-on" manager not a bureaucrat!


I served as the Guardian ad Litem District Administrator for 14 years. Here I built a volunteer organization of 200 fantastic folks from varied walks and varied cultures - Corporate Executives, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Home makers and many others - whom I personally trained and managed to be a voice and advocates for the rights of abused and neglected children through the North Carolina Administrative office of the Courts.


I left this very noble career because I felt the calling to increase my sphere of work from the very localized area where I was being effective to take my energy and experience into the realm of policy change and policy making at a wider scope. 

Like I have all through my life, before every big decision in my life, I prayed about it, sought counsel from my elders, from my dear friends in government (NC Senator Carl Ford, his wife Angela and others) and did some deep introspection. The answer became clear.


If I was going to run for being a servant of the public in office - it would have to be for all the right reasons. Not just run in a "red" district where I can easily win and get into Congress. It would have to be where I could make the largest positive impact on the most people, in a geographical area where I could prove (to myself) that the representation the citizens were getting by their elected representative was way below adequate and in a geographical area where the future of many of our kids would lie. 


I am no stranger to being a "David" against the many "Goliaths" that I have faced. So I made the decision to run for Congress in District 14.

I am also a small business owner - I own and operate Lillian Rosh LLC, a women's apparel accessory business.​

As the youngest daughter of two career United Methodist missionaries to India (my father Rev. W.W. Jones was American, my mother Mrs. B.K. Jones was Indian), I was taught to be a servant-leader. I returned to the USA in 1985 and earned my B.A. (Psychology) and MHA (Master's in Health Administration).


My Psychology degree has served me well in understanding people. Once one understands what makes people tick, then and only then can one form and build relationships, resolve infighting and disagreements that arise from differences in opinions and values, and show disparate people that we can work together even when we disagree. We can form coalitions where most people think that no cooperation between factions is possible.


Having an MHA gives me the advantage to "cut through the clutter" when viewing medical regulations, healthcare bills etc. and to really understand the implications of these sorts of documents in a manner most people are not able to. I will use these skills to look into ACA and Medicare (especially the "donut hole" in the prescription plan.)


Last, but certainly not the least, having spent 20+ years in the NC Courts working very closely with lawyers and judges - (with staff and attorneys reporting to me) - in many cases, my job was to challenge the decisions of the courts and the case laid out by the opposition attorney. 

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