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Sensible, Un-afraid, Non-Establishment
choice for U.S. House 

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Stick your "thumb in the eye" of big money, establishment

Every couple of years, career politicians come around promising us a whole bunch of things that they're going to do if we vote them into office.

To be honest, they do get a few of their promises fulfilled's generally things that benefit them.  For them to get re-elected - not to benefit us - the people of North Carolina.  The real issues that affect us are almost never solved and here we go - back to the polls a couple of years later.  The cycle continues and nothing changes!

Ever wonder why these so-called "leaders" talk in terms of millions of dollars while we have a hard time filling our tanks with gas and footing the weekly grocery bills? When was the last time one of these career politicians sat down with you - the small business person running a restaurant, or a gas station owner or a repair shop owner - and actually took the time to observe how your business operates and discussed your problems and barriers to increasing business? Probably never, but come election time, they hand out all kinds of dollars to big media companies all the while saying they support small businesses. Talk is cheap. The same Republicans who complain about big tech and the left wing media, come election time, spend a ton of money on advertising on these outlets. Does this make any sense to you?

You may ask why you see these donate buttons on my website... simple: I need your help. I need to put gas in my car so I can drive out to see you and deliver my message! I don't have PAC money or institutional funding. 

Folks - if you're tired of this nonsense and looking to break this cycle of career politicians' talk - then I'm here and ready to serve YOU in Washington. I'm asking for your vote in March 2024 and I'm not going to promise you anything except that I will fight hard for YOU and YOUR issues to the absolute best of my ability and I pledge not to get "bought" by the establishment.

Lillian Joseph

-------by Lillian Joseph-----

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Secure our Porous Borders

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Reduce the National Debt

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